Aha, the Joy of Love assignments for 28 days begin.  I started this assignment after it already began, so I ended up doing several assignments in a couple of days.

Day 01- What They Do

This assignment was to take a picture of a loved one and what they do. I took a picture of my son’s potato heads. He set them up in a particular way as he always does when he plays with his toys. I love how it looks like a potato head showdown.

Brendan's potato heads

Day 02: What They Look Like

This assignment was to take a picture of how a loved one looks. I chose to snap a picture of my son. My son Brendan and I had a couple of fun snow days yesterday and today. Since my son tends to have a silly smirk on his face when he says “cheese”, it is hard to snap a smiling picture of him. However, this picture represents how my son looks perfectly. He is almost always smiling and is one of the happiest little boys I know. He will let me know daily how happy he is.

This picture was shot in normal outdoor light on a overcast day. Shutter speed 1/20, f 10.0, ISO speed 400. The colors came out pretty rich anyhow, but I added a little bit of a color adjustment edit with PhotoshopCS3, just to bring out the color a tad bit more.

Brendan's snow day

Day 03: Then & Now

Today’s assignment was to take a picture of a loved showing them then and now. Once again, my model was my 3 year-old-son Brendan.

Then: Brendan was a year old bundled up in his gray camouflage jacket and hat. He had a little hat, little jacket, and little hair.

Brendan, a year oldBrendan Bundled Up

Now: Brendan has grown quite a bit, bigger hat, bigger coat, and more hair.This picture shows one of Brendan’s many facial expressions.

This picture was taken with natural light on a sunny day. Shutter speed 1/125, f 5.6, ISO speed 100. I edited the photo with Photoshop CS3 with a color adjustment to bring out the colors a little more.