The Joy of Love for Day 5’s assignment, was to take a picture of something that my loved one does that drives me crazy….something that I love to dislike. My son, Brendan, loves stickers more than anyone I know. However, he loves to stick them everywhere on everything. It drives me crazy. But on the inside, it makes me smile! I smile because I loved stickers once upon a time! He put a heart sticker on his kitchen, crab sticker and piece of tape on his train table, and a Mickey Mouse sticker on my cell phone. I am sure I will find even more stickers in hidden places one of these days. I decided to leave the Mickey Mouse sticker on my cell phone because it makes me smile and think of little Brendan! Sometimes, it is the little things about our loved ones that drive us crazy, but also make us smile and love them even more for being who they are.

sticker crazy Brendan