Today’s Joy of Love photography assignment was {what they wear}. I chose to photograph my husband’s hat and wedding ring. My husband, Ryan, wears his wedding band daily (that of course makes me happy!)  The scratches not only prove how much he wears his ring, but give it character as well.

I captured the photos this evening using a lamp as the source of light without using the camera flash.

fedora and wedding band

0.5 shutter speed, f 8.0, ISO 400, focal length 55.0 mm

wedding band on a hat

0.3 shutter speed, f 5.6, ISO 400, focal length 200.0 mm


Ryan also wears a trendy fedora quite often. It basically sums up his style. He looks like a Rock Star!  And I love how my husband looks in his fedora, because he is quite a sexy and sophisticated man.

Ryan's fedora

0.4 shutter speed, f 6.3, ISO 400, focal length 120.0 mm (room light & lamp light)



0.4 shutter speed, f 6.3, ISO 400, focal length 150.0 mm


Part of my assignment was to focus on metering when taking photographs. My husband and I could not find the manual to our camera, so I did not learn very much additional information about the metering. However, I found where the metering setting could be changed and changed it to the close up setting.

I am loving the Joy of Love photography assignments! I feel like I am learning so much more about how to use a camera in depth. I am just falling even more in love with photography! While looking through the lens, I am seeing things in a whole new perspective!