Finally, we had a really nice snow storm move in a couple nights ago. God gave us lots of beautiful, yet powdery, snow. My son missed out on playing in the snow last year, since he was sick most of the winter. Today, we finally ventured out into the snow! It took us longer to bundle up than the time we spent playing in the snow. 8 minutes: Long enough to play when it was only 10 degrees outside. Brendan made his first snow angel today!  Here is a picture that captures the moment of Brendan making his snow angel, beautifully! I love how he closed his eyes. I wonder what the little guy is thinking as he lies in the cold snow moving his arms and legs in it. Is he dreaming of floating in fluffy soft clouds in the cold winter sky? Is he dreaming of swimming in ice cream? Is he dreaming that he is a snow angel?

Brendan's Snow Angel